About ArteCódigo

Arte . Ecologia . Tecnologia

DIY . DIWO . Open Source

ArteCódigo is a non-profit Cultural Association whose mission is give to voice and capacitate artists, scientists, designers, artisans and other creators capable of authorial voices, with diversified cultural and scientific visions, converging in the challenges of the XXIst century and in the inovative use of art / science methodologies, open technologies and sharing economies.

The vision of ArteCódigo is to become a gathering place for creators and institutions, public and industries interested in working with vanguard artists/scientists, with artistic-technological-ecological broad visions, in the perspective to shape new communities adhearing to the associations’ ethos and modus operandi.

The overarching aim of ArteCódigo is to foster-preserve-value-promote the human and non-human cultures, in order to establish a unique and inovative cultural heritage, of authorial nature, layed in the principles of sustainability and efficient resource usage, and also within inovative perspectives of DIY (Do It Yourself), DIWO (Do It With Others) and Open Source.

ArteCódigo organizes publications, workshops, exhibition cycles, residencies, and we actively promote research and the realization of projects in the areas of arts, ecologies, technologies.